Our Skills

Project Management

Large scale maintenance, view upgrading and refurbishment works are undertaken in most instances through the Maintenance Plan/Life Cycle Replacement Plan in place for the property. Our team of experienced Managers, qualified professionals and technical support systems provides a wealth of unique operational expertise. Areas requiring technical expertise are best addressed by appropriate industry consultants and advisors. MICM Property have a preferred list of contractors to assist Committees in making determinations in regards scope of works, project management and compliance.

Long Term Maintenance

MICM Property have dedicated staff working with the Committees and any Sub-Committees in implementing and monitoring the Long Term Maintenance Plans. As these are now mandatory under the Owners Corporation Act, MICM Property is able to advise Committees on annual works, expenditures and reporting requirements. Arranging competitive quotes with its approved Contractors will assist in meeting budgets and establishing future sinking fund/maintenance costings. MICM Property is well suited to advise your Committees and buildings of their responsibilities in this area.

Building and Essential Services

MICM Property’s in-house staff of Building Services professionals will provide services in relation to the required Essential Safety Measures in place at the property as:

  • Ensuring Legislative Compliance
  • Overseeing specialist contractor performance (e.g. Lift and Fire)
  • Negotiating Essential Service Contracts
  • Providing industry standard advice in relation to operations and facilities management services

Tender/Contractor Review Committee

MICM Property has established a Tender and Contractor Review Committee to ensure transparency in its choice of contractors. Members of Owners Corporation Committees are invited to participate in the Tender Committees proceedings as and when Tenders are carried out.

Defects & Defect Management

Normally Managers don’t or won’t get involved in the mind field that can face an OC upon completion and ongoing suitability of construction works. The courts are log-jammed with these cases and most are unsuccessful. MICM Property has had unique experience and expertise over the years in working with developers and builders dealing with issues of questionable construction standards–see ‘Experience’ herein.