Why Choose Us?

MICM Property has experience with the management of every type of Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) with an emphasis on the management of inner Melbounre city residential developments. We are uniquely suited to cater to the needs and special requirements of property owners, residents, service providers and contractors within modern high-rise buildings.
The benefits of choosing MICM Property to manage your Owners Corporation can be summarised as follows:


MICM Property is one of the largest residential Owners Corporation management service providers in the Melbourne inner city. Our over 18 years experience in the industry provides a wealth of unique operational expertise.
MICM Property’s Owners Corporation Managers possess the strong financial management skills required to control substantial budgets, as well as extensive knowledge of building management systems, current owners corporation regulations, and health and safety legislation.


– Licensed Real Estate Agent
– ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification
– Qualified Accountants
– Licensed Owners Corporation Managers
– Accredited Workplace Assessor

MICM Property provides a team of dedicated professionals to service legislative requirements, manage operations and oversee major works. Our in-house essential services team ensures that buildings, plant, equipment and services are maintained to a high standard and within regulatory guidelines.


  • Our competitive, inclusive fees are below the industry standard and provide certainty of the costs involved in the management of your owners corporation
  • With a substantial portfolio we are able to negotiate substantial savings for electricity, security, fire and essential services contracts
  • Our bulk buying power and business relationship with our insurance provider ensures that the best insurance rates and policy terms are obtained
  • With an unparalleled level of industry experience and expertise, you can be assured that MICM Property has the operational systems, qualifications, people and resources for the effective and efficient administration of your Owners Corporation.



Should you require advice on any owners corporation matter Contact the Owners Corporation Team